OK so my old guitar player Tim Kasey, from the band Crysys (early eighties metal from Portland) sent me this video of a new metal band from the Netherlands. Well they are new to me anyway. At first listen I have to admit this chick can sing. Very refreshing since we haven’t had a good female metal vocalist since Pat Benatar? The music has shades of the Scorpions, Queensrych, and Abba, don’t let my use of the name Abba scare you off, its more of a reference to how well Charlotte Wessels can sing. Delain is classified as symphonic metal and was founded by Martijn Westerholt and Charlotte Wessels in 2002.

I could go on about them but why when you can see their vids for yourself. They have a series of videos up on Youtube and their new label is Roadrunner. Below is a sampling.

Charlotte Wessels – on the Sonisphere Festival

Delain – Stay Forever

Delain – April Rain

Delain – Frozen

Delain – The Gathering

There is much more on youtube that you can watch. Now lets hope they will be bringing us their music into the Northwest very soon.

Chris Marshall’s CD release show – April 14th at Doug Fir Lounge w/ Richmond Fontaine

Official website
Myspace page

chris marshal August Light

August Light new CD by Chris Marshall

On April 14, 2011, Portland, Oregon roots-rock artist Chris Marshall will celebrate the release of his debut full-length, “August Light,” at Doug Fir Lounge.

Also on the bill is Richmond Fontaine (headlining) and The Low Bones (opening).  Doors are at 8pm, show starts at 9pm. Tickets are $10 advance, or $10 at the door.

We’ve all lost friends and loved ones along the way.  Some to natural causes, others to health-related problems, while some to unexpected events.  All are tragic, in their own way, and each leave a lasting effect on us.

It never gets easy, as Portland, Oregon-based roots-rock artist Chris Marshall sings about on his debut full-length, “August Light,” an exploration of life; tackling universal themes of love, travel, finding one’s self, friendship, betrayal, heartache, and redemption.

“If there’s any gift the winter brings, it’s the deathless scent that seeds the spring,” Marshall sings in “Every Time the Wind Blows,” summarizing the album (and thus Marshall’s) outlook on life and life’s tests.

“Every season lends itself to the next, both literally and metaphorically in terms of the seasons we experience in our own lives,” Marshall examines, discussing the line.  “The most desperately seeming situations often produce the most profound growth, just as the winter makes way for the spring.”

Discussing interpersonal/relational betrayal (“Thirty Pieces of Silver”), love (“Can’t Wait to Take You Home”), loneliness, incomplete, and feeling as if you have no home (“For Too Long Now”), and life having ultimate dominion over death (“Every Time the Wind Blows”), the album carries heavy subject matter while pondering life.  But, it isn’t without its good-times and uplifting moments.

“Killing Time,” for example, is a playful honky-tonk romp, which gives the album an upbeat, cheerful dance number to kick back and enjoy.

“I wrote the entire song in the car without a guitar and performed it that night,” recalls Marshall, admitting that more than a few times he’s written a complete song in his head before ever picking up the guitar.  “I wanted to try writing a song with that classic country cleverness.”

Marshall isn’t afraid to write pop or love songs, which is evident with “We’ll Carry On (My Love),” which uses lyrical interplay between scenes of disparity and moments of ascendance: night and day, peaks and valleys.

“When I sing it I’m drawing upon the experience of making it work with my wife in the difficult economic times we’ve faced the last couple years.”

“I Found You” is another love song on the album, winding through the process of finding contentedness in love, beauty, and joy.  It’s an ode to the simplicity of love, Marshall will tell you.

The son of a preacher that founded his own church, Marshall grew up with religion at home and even played and led the church’s music.  This influence is reflected on the gospel-inspired number, “A Hallelujah Song.”

“The song has an obvious gospel influence and feel, but it is far more than that for me,” says Marshall.  “It explores spiritual and existential frustration with the human condition of unknowing and mystery. I wrote itin desperation and want it to express an element of unsettledness. It has also taken on a depth of meaning during the recording process that was unexpected and tragic.”

The result is a country record that pays homage and tribute to the forefathers, such as Kristofferson, Nelson, and Cash, but also gets Marshall’s voice across, figuratively and metaphorically speaking.

Now, the only thing left for him to accomplish with “August Light” is to get as many people as he can to listen to it.

CD RELEASE SHOW: Crown Point – April 1st at Doug Fir Lounge

Crown PointPortland, Oregon-based pop-rock outfit, Crown Point are celebrating the release of their debut EP, “Wolves,” April 1st at Doug Fir.  A six-song collection of tight, well-produced pop-rock songs, Crown Point delivers a hook-laden, radio-friendly sound that further penetrates your ears with lyrical depth on the EP.

Doors at 8pm, Show at 9pm.  Tickets are $8 advance, $10 day of show.

Consisting of Jon Davidson (vocals/guitar), Russell Stafford (vocals/guitar), and Kaycee Kay (drums), Crown Point focuses on hooks as much as they do lyrics, creating a polished, friendly sound that doesn’t grow old or tired after repeated listens.

Formed in late 2009, the band already has a national tour under their belts, as well as an appearance at 2010’s SxSW Music Conference.

The Boise Weekly calls Crown Point’s music “sweet alt/rock with a swirl of pop on top.”

Their debut, “Wolves,” produced by Jeff Johnson (Jet Black Stare, Faber Drive, Adelita’s Way) and engineered by Chris Holmes (The Veer Union, Katy Perry, Simon Collins), and featuring Nickelback’s Daniel Adair on drums, helped Crown Point flesh out their sound and bring to life the ear candy as much as the musical depth in each song.

With the completion and forthcoming release of “Wolves,” as well as constant touring planned by the band, Crown Point hopes to make a mark the old fashioned way.  They’ve already written a catchy collection of songs that will resonate with the listener.  And, now they plan to pound out the pavement to make sure listeners get a chance to hear them.

Shine on You Crazy Diamond “THE MADCAP’S LAST LAUGH”

OK this is fucking cool!

A tribute to Syd Barrett.

On the 10th of May, 2007 at London’s Barbican Centre, a diverse group of great musicians got together to honor the memory of the late Roger “Syd” Barrett, the founding member of Pink Floyd.

here are the links:

this is a link to the recording

If their are problems watching or getting the vid contact me.

KUFO GONE replaced by right wing idiots!

Thats right, Portland’s only real rock station is gone replaced by right wing nut jobs Lars Larson and Glen Beck broadcasting on KEX FM. Well all you rockers who hated KUFO because they weren’t rock enough got your wish as they are no longer playing music.

this was posted on the front page at

This has happened before. Back in 1982, 83 ?? FM 101.1 then KRCK was replaced by a classical station. the owner owning 5 classical stations plus KRCK did not like KRCK’s rock/heavy metal format. so I remember going to sleep listening to Accept, Iron Maiden, and Led Zepplin, then waking up to some violin orchestra crap. Don’t get me wrong now, classical music has its place, just not no my favorite metal station.

Same goes for this change, talk radio has its place just not on KUFO, and to replace the music with Glen Beck and Lars Larson is shameful. These people are crackpots that want to destroy America.

This just makes me sad, so, no matter how bad you thought KUFO was, what we have now is infinitely worse.

Lazarus A.D. Become Victims of Van Robbery in UK

Money and Personal Items Stolen, PayPal Donations Are Appreciated

Lazarus A.D.

LAZARUS A.D. is the most recent casualty in a slew of unfortunate band robberies to claim theft of their personal items and money from their touring van. The incident took place last night in Southampton, UK. After breaking a window to enter the band’s van, the burglars stole roughly $1,500 in cash, all of the bands personal items including Social Security cards, birth certificates, and clothing, and even their personal hygiene items. The band members luckily had their passports in their pockets and their gear inside the venue; otherwise they fear that those items would have been taken as well.

LAZARUS A.D. have many dates remaining on their tour with Bonded By Blood, so having no money or personal items will be a great strain on the band financially and personally. A PayPal donation link has been set up in order for fans to donate to the band in this time of need. Please head to this link to donate what you can spare:

See below for all upcoming European tour dates and please consider donating to LAZARUS A.D. so they can finish spreading their message and metal to their fans in the UK. Any help is sincerely appreciated.

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  • Mar. 16 – Norwich, UK – Metal Lust @ The Brickmakers
  • Mar. 17 – Wiesbaden, Germany – Schlachthof
  • Mar. 18 – Zurich, Switzerland – Dynamo
  • Mar. 19 – Prague, Czech Republic – Modra Vopice
  • Mar. 20 – Ljubljana, Slovenia – Orto Bar
  • Mar. 21 – Vienna, Austria – 3Raum/Arena
  • Mar. 22 – Bologna, Italy – Blogs Club
  • Mar. 23 – Barcelona, Spain – Mephisto
  • Mar. 24 – Madrid, Spain – Hebe
  • Mar. 25 – Paris, France – Paris Extreme Festival
  • Mar. 26 – Bilbao, Spain – Santana 27 Black
  • Mar. 27 – Porto, Portugal – Porto Rio
  • Mar. 29 – Hamburg, Germany – Headcrash
  • Mar. 30 – Nijmegen, Netherlands – Merleyn
  • Mar. 31 – Copenhagen, Denmark – The Rock
  • Apr. 01 – Cologne, Germany – The Underground
  • Apr. 02 – Bruges, Belgium – JH Comma

For more information on LAZARUS A.D. visit the following locations:

Ex Alice in Chains Bass Player Mike Starr Dead at 44

He just couldn’t leave it. I remember when AIC kicked him out of the band for drug abuse in 93. He stopped over at my friends house in Seattle all upset that he was not in the band any more. Sadly this did not get him clean and now he has followed in the footsteps of Layne Staley.

More at MTV

More at Rolling Stone

More at TMZ

More at OMG

Alice in Chains first video with both Mike and Layne. When I first saw this on MTV, I was blown away. Shortly after that I saw them open for Megadeth, I think, in the Memorial Coliseum in Portland.


Stephanie Schneiderman launching a Kickstarter campaign!!

Today Stephanie Schneiderman launched a Kickstarter campaign!! Kickstarter (for those of you don’t know) is an online funding platform for artists to raise money for their projects. Stephanie in the process of finishing up her new CD, Rubber Teardrop. Stephanie has been collaborating with Keith Schreiner (trip-hop DJ/producer from Dahlia) and… they’re almost done! She is using Kickstarter to raise the remaining money needed for recording, mixing, mastering and manufacturing. She is asking for your help to complete the CD!

Stephanie is offering LOADS of rewards including CD’s, Live DVD’s, private concert tickets and more!!! “I’ve got 30 days to raise the money but my goal is to fund the project within the first 72 hours! So, if you’re planning on participating, please do so today!!” says Stephanie.

CHECK OUT HER KICKSTARTER VIDEO featuring Stephanie and Keith, as well as music from the new CD-
Here’s the VIDEO LINK


Results of The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra 17th Annual Young Artists Competition


Totaling $5250 in cash awards

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra winners of the Young Artists Competition Sunday, February 27th

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra winners of the Young Artists Competition Sunday, February 27th

(Vancouver, WA)  The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra concluded its seventeenth annual Young Artists Competition Sunday, February 27th at TrinityLutheran Church, Vancouver, WA. In each of three instrument categories, first, second and third place winners were selected, with each receiving monetary awards. First place recipients will perform with The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Salvador Brotons, April 9th and 10th at Skyview Concert Hall,Vancouver, WA.


  • 1st – Alexander Zhu                                 $1000
    Teacher – Kelli Stephens
    Rachmaninoff Concerto No.2, op. 18, 1st Mvt.
  • 2nd – Ruta Kuzmickas                              $500
    Teacher – Jean-David Coen
    ravel, Piano concerto in G major, 1st Mvt.
  • 3rd – Sherry Liang                                  $250
    Teacher – Barbara Parker
    Saint-Saens Piano concerto No.5, Mvt. 3

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  • 1st – Kenneth Fukumoto, Alto sax              $1000
    Teacher – Phil Baldino
    Concerto for Alto Sax, Glazunov
  • 2nd – John Church, Trombone                   $500
    Teacher – Henry Henniger
    Concertino for Trombone, David
  • 3rd – Nick Rector, Trumpet                       $250
    Teacher – Paul Nickolas
    Arutunian Concerto for Trumpet


  • 1st –  David Kim, Cello,                            $1000
    Teacher – Hyun-Jin Kim
    Saint-Saens, Cello Concerto No.1 in A minor
  • 2nd – Lauren Siess, Viola                          $500
    Teacher – Ann Medellin
    Walton Viola Concerto, 2nd Mvt
  • 3rd –  Kristin Qian, Violin                          $250
    Teacher – Carol Sindell
    Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E minor, 1st Mvt.

The nine finalists were chosen from thirty-seven entries submitted between October 2010 and January, 2011. Finalists were then judged on interpretation, technique, dynamics and overall musicality. Young Artists performed live in front of an enthusiastic audience of over 200 and a panel of five judges, music professionals from the Vancouver/Portland area. Judges included:

  • Sharon Hinckley
  • Tatiana Kolchanova
  • Don Appert
  • Igor Shakhman
  • Jim Obanian

David Smith, VSO board member, emceed the event and was preceded by Larry Easter, member of the Friends and long-time supporter of the Young Artists Competition.
Tickets for the April 9th and 10th concert are now available online at The April concert will also include A. Copland’s Lincoln Portrait, narrated by All-Classical FM’s Edmund Stone, and Beethoven’s Symphony No.8, Op.93 in F major.
The 2011 Young Artists Competition was sponsored by Friends of The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. “Generosity of spirit is the commonality that men and women share in the Friends organization,” said Linda Odenborg, Chair of the dedicate group. “We believe in giving back through Education Outreach programs and fundraising events.”

Additional supporters of the Young Artists Competition included Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Liu. Proceeds from Virtuoso Music for Two Pianos, performed by Michael Liu, Fred Lu and Kate Hobbie January 9th at Sherman Clay & Moe’s Piano, Portland, Oregon also assisted in supporting the February 27th competition.
The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra is a 70-member professional orchestra presenting international guest artists and varied programs, October through May. The concert season includes live classical performances led by Maestro Salvador Brotons as well as special events such as the successful February 12th performance of Aaron Meyer & The Vancouver Big Band, or the upcoming In-School concerts. Visit for tickets and information.


ABYSMAL DAWN: On Tour Now, Announce Seattle Date With ATHEIST

Abysmal Dawn

ABYSMAL DAWN photo credit Shootie HG



ABYSMAL DAWN are currently on tour in North America in support of their brand new album Leveling The Plane of Existence. The band is on tour with KATAKLYSM, ALL SHALL PERISH, DECREPIT BIRTH and more for a four-week tour that kicked off in Cleveland, OH. ABYSMAL DAWN has also just been added to this Friday’s (March 4th) ATHEIST headline show in Seattle,WA. A listing of confirmed tour dates and cities can be found below with more to be announced soon.

ABYSMAL DAWN are streaming Leveling The Plane of Existence in its entirety online now at AbysmalDawn.infoLeveling The Plane of Existence saw its North American release date in early February and is available now at this location.  A deluxe digital version of the album, which includes four bonus tracks and digital booklet, is also available at iTunes.

The Decibel Magazine blog has posted an exclusive look at the making of Leveling The Plane of Existence’s artwork. The blog features sketches and commentary from artist Par Olofsson (EXODUS, IMMOLATION, IMMORTAL, THE FACELESS) and can be accessed here.

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ABYSMAL DAWN tour dates:

  • March 4      Seattle, WA                Studio Seven (w/ ATHEIST)

***All dates from March 5 thru March 20 w/ KATAKLYSM, ALL SHALL PERISH, DECREPIT BIRTH, more***

  • March 5      Seattle, WA                  Studio Seven
  • March 6      Portland, OR                 Branx
  • March 8      Hollywood, CA               The Whisky
  • March 9      San Diego, CA               Soma
  • March 11    Amarillo, TX                   Sorority House
  • March 12    Dallas, TX                       Trees
  • March 13    San Antonio, TX             White Rabbit
  • March 15    St. Petersburg, FL         State Theatre
  • March 16    Raleigh, NC                   Volume 11
  • March 17    Springfield, VA                Jaxx
  • March 18    Columbus, OH               Alrosa Villa
  • March 19    Buffalo, NY                      Club Paradise
  • March 20    Montreal, QC                 Club Soda
  • March 21    Manchester, NH            Rocko’s
  • March 22    Trenton, NJ                    Championship Bar & Grill
  • March 23    Wheeling, WV                Yesterday’s
  • March 26    Oklahoma City, OK        The Conservatory
  • March 27    Lubbock, TX                    Tequila Jungle
  • March 29    Phoenix, AZ                     Clubhouse

“honest death metal the way its supposed to be done” – Outburn

“Leveling the Plane of Existence; a crusher of an album and the first solid album of the new year.” –

“a record which should likely appeal to fans of latter day Death…one of Abysmal Dawn’s strongest talent [is] the ability to deftly juggle genres and balance out a cross sectioned appeal, all while retaining a deftly-handed and smartly produced sound.” – Metal Army America

“Leveling The Plane Of Existence is the perfect example of what death metal should sound like” –