John Bercaw Jazz, “Bevis” CD Release Date – March 1st, 2011

Announcing the release of a 2011 rendition of “Bevis” by Jazz Master, John Bercaw.

John Bercaw CD BevisIncluded in the release, tracks will range from original cuts to covers that span across a lifetime journey of artistic expression. With the expected publish date of “Bevis” to be in the upcoming weeks, John has crossed into another direction of sharing his talent with the world.

Recent credits and appearances have given new life and more importantly, exposure to a true legend of piano. John’s own words perhaps explain best:

“I would like to sell my music to anyone who appreciates good piano. These are some of my best efforts and represent a lifetime of continued study with the best instrument. Everyone likes the aero-phone, membrain-o-phone, chord-o-phone, and ideo-phone. These instruments play only one note at a time, but the piano (which I consider a chord-o-phone) is a whole orchestra.

“At present I am working on personally recording all of the tunes in my head. It will take a while.

“The term BEVIS came when Cal Collins and I were driving down route 27 to Colerain for a gig and our drummer Terry Moore noticed a little town sign: BEVIS. Cal, who could never remember anyone’s name, had a habit of calling everyone baby, which came out BYAABIS. Terry noticed the similarity and started calling me BEVIS. It stuck and I have been known as BEVIS ever since. Later

Album Description:
I don’t know of any pianist who has recorded all of his storeroom of knowledge. These selections represent many years of gigs, practice, schooling and study. I would like to leave a legacy of the songs I love and some I don’t. I began in the late fifties thinking all I wished to do would be to take a decent improvised chorus on blues or rhythm changes. I was able to do that and went on to just be the best piano player I could be. Here they are, mistakes and all.

I have been into music all my life. From the hours I spent under my Mom’s piano, to the time spent in the practice room studying Bach and Chopin I somehow managed to become a reasonably good improvisor.

One always wishes to do the recordings over but time and money usually prevent it. I hope someone out there wants to have my renditions of the tunes I like the most, however, there’s more to come in the future. Just keep the faith. Anybody can hear Tatum or Peterson or Shearing play flawlessly and now is your chance to hear BEVIS play maybe in a different way.