KUFO GONE replaced by right wing idiots!

Thats right, Portland’s only real rock station is gone replaced by right wing nut jobs Lars Larson and Glen Beck broadcasting on KEX FM. Well all you rockers who hated KUFO because they weren’t rock enough got your wish as they are no longer playing music.

this was posted on the front page at KUFO.com

This has happened before. Back in 1982, 83 ?? FM 101.1 then KRCK was replaced by a classical station. the owner owning 5 classical stations plus KRCK did not like KRCK’s rock/heavy metal format. so I remember going to sleep listening to Accept, Iron Maiden, and Led Zepplin, then waking up to some violin orchestra crap. Don’t get me wrong now, classical music has its place, just not no my favorite metal station.

Same goes for this change, talk radio has its place just not on KUFO, and to replace the music with Glen Beck and Lars Larson is shameful. These people are crackpots that want to destroy America.

This just makes me sad, so, no matter how bad you thought KUFO was, what we have now is infinitely worse.

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  1. Dave
    Dave says:

    This really is a shame. and why do we need an FM stereo broadcast of people talking, how stupid is that? Isn’t that what AM radio is for? I hope these fuckers all loose there voices.

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