Shenandoah & The Night Release Moody Noir-ish Folk on Self-Titled EP

Shenandoah and The NightThe distinctive NYC-based quintet Shenandoah and the Night announces the May 15th release of their self-titled debut EP, a moody pop offering which draws on everything from doo wop, old time rhythm and blues, folk and country to retro-fitted German cabaret.

Led by the bewitching singer/songwriter/producer Shenandoah Ableman (of the San Francisco-based Yard Dogs Road Show), Shenandoah and the Night offer a haunting, noir-ish sound counter-balanced by bursts of joy and infectious energy. Rootsy enough for folk enthusiasts without sacrificing its modernist edge, Shenandoah and the Night cast a wide net across the spectrums of taste and time, blending and blurring a diverse set of influences that range from the operatic anguish of Nina Simone and Kurt Weill, to the dusky psychedelic sturm und drang of the Doors and Janis Joplin.

Preview 2 songs off the upcoming EP:

So Fine by Shenandoah and the Night

These Arms by Shenandoah and the Night