Buko Magazine was printed in 2007 and 2008.Adobe Reader

These are the links to pdfs of the printed issues.
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volume 1 number 1

Volume One – # 2, September/October
In this issue.

Pink Martini

Sandin Wilson


Record Producer Agreements

The Band

Inner-View: Don Thompson of STUDIO 84

the X-Files

volume 1 number 2

Volume One – Number 2, September/October
In this issue.

Curtis Salgado

BluesFestival 20th Anniversary

Blitzen Trapper

Publishing Deals: An Overview

Inner-View: Billy Oskay of Big Red Studio

volume 1 number 3

Volume One – Number 3, November/December
In this issue.

Paul Rogers


Publishing Deals: An Overview

The Band

Inner-Vu: Jeremy Wilson

GBU: Charmparticles

the X-Files

volume 2 number 1

Volume Two – Number 1, June

In this issue.

The Strangetones

Profit Split Deals: A Recent Alternative…

The Band

Inner-Vu: Nick Moon

volume 2 number 2

Volume Two – Number 2, July

In this issue.

Terry Robb

GBU: the Daddies, Podington Bear

Licensing Your Masters Overseas

Inner-Vu: Bob Stark of Kung Fu Bakery

Crosby Stills Nash Celebrate 40 Years

Typod: Danava, Quandry

the X-Files

volume 2 number 3

Volume Two – Number 3, August
In this issue.

Jennifer Batten

Ron Rogers the Artist

Management Deals: The Basic Deal Points

The Band

Inner-Vu: Rich Haugen of Super Natural Sound

GBU: Miss Murgatriod and Petra Haden

AFM Local 99 is it Your Union?

My Typod

volume 2 number 4

Volume Two – Number 4, September
In this issue.

One Night in Frogtown

Terry’s Summer Adventure

Record Label Deals: A Thumbnail Sketch

The Band

Inner-Vu: Dennis Carter of Falcon

GBU: Frogtown, The Standard, Peter Broderick, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Music Fleece Northwest.

Typod: The Wanteds, Kolvane, Mini KISS

volume 2 number 5

Volume Two – Number 5, October
In this issue.

Metal Church

Trademarking Band Names

GBU: The Dandy Warhols, Blitzen Trapper, Rose City Project,
Sea Wolf and Okkervil River, Parachutes and Sigur Ros

The Band

Typod: House of Badger, Dykeritz, Lewi Longmire Band

Oregon Music Hall of Fame 2


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