Lamb of God’s Chris Adler and Mapex Drums Draw an Impressive 730 Fans to Tour Kickoff in Salt Lake City, Utah

LAMB OF GOD’s CHRIS ADLER and MAPEX Drums were thrilled to see a whopping 730 fans arrive at the “A Throne with a View” tour’s impressive Salt Lake City, UT kick-off show at BackBeats Drum Shop on Monday the 28th. A typical drum clinic will draw about 50-70 attendees. This impressive turnout is only a taste of what is yet to come on the “A Throne with a View” tour, and ADLER hopes to see many more fans out at his upcoming appearances. The tour will take ADLER through the country until March 16th when the tour lands in Hollywood, FL at Resurrection Drums. The tour is sponsored by MAPEX DRUMS, AQUARIAN, PRO MARK, GIBRALTAR, MEINL, and ZOOM (SAMSON).

“Never would I have expected such a massive and warm response,” states ADLER. “I had a blast jamming tunes and talking shop and SLC really brought it. Honestly, I was shocked and a bit of a nervous wreck without my bandmates, but in the end I loved every minute of it. I’m lucky to have the opportunity and I hope to share that, and if all goes well, inspire everyone that stops by.”

“The performance CHRIS ADLER brings to his drum clinic is at the same level as his performance with the band live and in the studio,” states Joe Hibbs of MAPEX Drums. “Because he is truly a musical and drumming artist, fans know it is important to see him in these truly special clinic appearances.”

“The “A Throne with a View” tour with CHRIS ADLER was a huge success,” adds Sean Chase of BackBeats Drum Shop in Salt Lake City, UT. “A sell-out crowd of over 700 attendees witnessed an inspiring performance and insight from one the world’s greatest drummers. Chris’ humility, honesty, and passion for our craft gives us all something to aspire to.”

“GIBRALTAR is proud to support CHRIS ADLER,” affirms GIBRALTAR Hardware Artist Relations manager Kim Graham. “He has been an artist of ours for eight years and is an amazing person and drummer to have on our team.  It’s no surprise that this clinic tour is such a success!”

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On this tour, ADLER is playing on MAPEX’s newly released Black Panther “Blaster” drum set. MAPEX introduced the Black Panther Drum Collection in January at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA and this will be the first opportunity for many fans to see and hear it. The Blaster kit features a unique maple and walnut shell design and is the first in a series of new drum sets based on MAPEX’s popular series of Black Panther Snare Drums.

ADLER appeared at the prestigious Modern Drummer Festival in 2005 and performed a “Battle” clinic tour with his brother Willie Adler across Europe in 2008. “A Throne with a View” is his first and only U.S. clinic tour in 2011. See below for all current clinic tour dates, and watch an example of one of ADLER’s aforementioned drum clinicshere.


  • 3/2 Bellevue, WA @ Donn Bennett Drum Studio
  • 3/3 Fresno, CA @ Bentley’s Drum Shop
  • 3/6 San Antonio, TX @ Jeff Ryder Drum Shop
  • 3/7 Nashville, TN @ Forks Drum Closet
  • 3/8 Kansas City, MO @ Explorers Percussion
  • 3/9 Memphis, TN @ Memphis Drum Shop
  • 3/10 Kenner, LA @ Ray Fransen Drum Shop
  • 3/14 Plainview, NY @ Original Long Island Drum Center
  • 3/15 Portland, ME @ Drum Shop
  • 3/16 Hollywood, FL @ Resurrection Drums

CHRIS ADLER recently announced the release of a comprehensive behind the scenes narrative book, detailing the early days of the band through the writing and recording of the LAMB OF GOD album, New American Gospel. This is the first and only book chronicling the history of the making of this classic album. Known for not pulling any punches, ADLER tells the real story, warts and all. The book includes drum tablature transcribed and verified by master technician Travis Orbin ( and ADLERhimself, and are designed to provide accurate insight into the drumming on the album as well as a convenient learning and teaching tool to teachers and drummers alike. The book is a must-have for any fans of LAMB OF GOD or ADLER’s drumming, as well as fans looking for ‘fly-on-the-wall’ access to how and why critical choices and decisions were made in the process of creating New American Gospel. Throughout the narrative, ADLER speaks frankly of his drumming, the successes, the failures, and obstacles that ultimately led to him contemplating leaving the band years ago. To purchase the book, head to this link, or

Fans should be sure to head to CHRIS ADLER’s brand new website,, to catch up on first-hand information, endorsements, and appearances. The site also includes a small store of exclusive items used by ADLER and special giveaways throughout the year.

For more information on the tour, the book, and more, head to and



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  1. Felicien
    Felicien says:

    I selected this drum primarily because of the price point, and secondarily because of the size and its construction. First of all, this drum holds its own with drums that cost at least twice as much. Even if I had the money now, I would still opt for this drum. Secondly, the size provides a higher-pitched, brighter sound than most piccolos but without the associated loss in volume. Granted, this drum does not project as much as a 14″x6″ in an unmiked situation, but it provides an amazing experience for the player behind the kit, with or without monitors. I play Black Metal with songs that are 90% blast. The first show I played with this drum was phenomenal. It cut through crystal clear which enabled me to keep my time tighter, especially at the fastest speeds, and with no monitors. My old 14″ would get washed out by the kit, and it was a metal drum.

    Its construction is very solid. The black hardware is a very nice finishing touch. Lugs are heavy duty and solid. The drum tunes very easily. The snare itself is perfect for the job. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to upgrade it out of the box, but it’s perfectly fine if you don’t. Of course, I can’t say the same for the batter head. I broke it within 1 minute of playing on it the first day, but that’s par for the course for ANY drum from ANY manufacturer. I put an Evans Genera Dry on and have been completely satisfied with the sound and lack of ringing (I don’t need any muffling).

    It is highly responsive and practically plays itself. I feel it’s helped me up a level with my playing as well.

    Mapex is a company that deserves a heap of recognition for the quality of its drums and the price. This drum is yet another example of this dedication to the instrument and the drummer. I simply cannot say enough about this snare. And no, I’m not a Mapex rep and I am not endorsed by any company, nor would I want to be. But if I were to buy a new drumset, I would give Mapex a serious look, even moreso now based on how happy I am with this drum. Is it a top of the line snare? No. But it blows away anything else in this price point and much higher.

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