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Candlebox rode the grunge bandwagon to multi-platinum success in the early ’90s, despite howls of protest from the Seattle faithful who considered their music a watered-down version of the genuine article. To be sure, Candlebox’s take on grunge diluted the punk and indie elements inherent in its original form; instead, they were rooted in the bluesy, classic-style hard rock that grunge had ostensibly replaced. Their resulting commercial appeal made them highly suspect in the minds of authenticity-obsessed scenesters, and it didn’t help matters that the band hadn’t formed until well after the Seattle hype machine had begun. Nonetheless, Candlebox unwittingly helped Usher in the post-grunge era; along with Bush, they showed how the more challenging aspects of grunge could be ironed out and polished into a sound that mainstream rock radio could embrace without reservation.

Candlebox were formed in Seattle in December 1991 by singer/guitarist Kevin Martin, a native of Elgin, IL, who’d grown up partly in San Antonio, and drummer Scott Mercado. Initially calling the band Uncle Duke, they added lead guitarist Peter Klett and bassist Bardi Martin (no relation to Kevin) and changed the group’s name to Candlebox, after a line in a Midnight Oil song. Their demo tape found its way to Madonna’s Maverick label, which quickly resulted in a record deal in 1992. Candlebox’s self-titled debut was released in 1993, and while the first single, “Change,” began to build them a following, it wasn’t until 1994, when the follow-up, “You,” appeared, that Candlebox really started to take off. “You” gave them a breakthrough hit on mainstream rock radio, which set the stage for the success of “Far Behind,” essentially a power ballad for the grunge era. “Far Behind” was a major hit on both mainstream and alternative radio, and also made the pop Top 20; its exposure helped Candlebox climb into the Top Ten on the LP chart and eventually sell over three million copies.

By the time Candlebox returned with their second album, 1995’s Lucy, the backlash was already in full swing. Partly because of the group’s previous momentum, the lead single, “Simple Lessons,” earned some rock radio airplay, and the album itself went gold and barely missed the Top Ten. However, it was largely ignored or dismissed by much of the mainstream media, and was ultimately hurt by a relative lack of memorable songs. In 1997, founding member Mercado left the band and was replaced by original Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen. Candlebox’s third album, Happy Pills, appeared in 1998 and marked a return to the more basic sound of their debut. “It’s Alright,” “10,000 Horses,” and the title cut all landed some airplay, but the album sold poorly; by this time, countless bands were working in a similar style, and the band’s early momentum had long since dissipated. Krusen departed in 1999, as did Bardi Martin; they were replaced by Shannon Larkin (ex-Ugly Kid Joe) and Rob Redick, respectively, but the group disbanded the following year. The original lineup of Martin, Klett, and Mercado re-formed for a handful of shows in 2006 to support the release of Rhino’s Best of Candlebox compilation. The overall positive reunion stirred rumors of a new studio album, culminating in 2008’s Into the Sun.

Redwood Son’s double CD, “The Lion’s Inside”


Redwood Son — Because Of You from The Sights Of Sounds on Vimeo.

On June 11th at Aladdin Theater, Portland, Oregon’s alt. country/Americana act Redwood Son, the brainchild of front man/songwriter Josh Malm, will release their debut CD, “The Lion’s Inside,” June 11th at Aladdin Theater.

Also on the bill are Sarah Billings, Brad Mackeson, and Jordan Harris.  Tickets are $13.00 in advance.

Redwood Son’s twenty-song double-disc debut, “The Lion’s Inside,” boasts a dynamic versatility that crosses the borders of their West Coast Americana with hook-laden roots-rock and alt. country.

The band’s core sound and early rawness is nostalgically captured on disc one, entitled “Summer of ’77,” produced with a warm analog approach by trusty local engineer Rob Stroup at his 8 Ball Studios.

Then there is disc two, “New Beautiful Day,” was produced simultaneously by Dean Kattari to beckon the band’s mainstream viability, building upon their core with an ease-on-the-ears and communal expansiveness that features plentiful guests including Gretchen Mitchell and Ray Frazier.

Led by singer-songwriter Josh Malm, Redwood Son’s long-awaited release of “The Lion’s Inside” signifies a culmination of Malm’s tireless persistence as a performer and live music presenter throughout the Pacific Northwest since 2005.

Though making an initial mark under his previous moniker, J*Malem, he birthed the concept of Redwood Son in 2009, searching for an honest sound representative of his childhood in the California Redwoods.

The first incarnation of the band was making way towards this very album while establishing a local presence when an unexpected catastrophe struck. On Novemeber 4th, 2009 Redwood Son’s original drummer and Malm’s long-time friend Kipp Crawford was killed in a tragic event that remains partly unsolved.

Though Redwood Son experienced a state of dismantle with uncertain destiny, Malm did not lose sight of their shared vision alongside the standing support of the group’s original guitarist Chance Hayden. The project was resurrected in the spring of 2010 to nobly move forward, recording their much anticipated debut in Crawford’s honor.

On June, 11th 2011 celebrate the release of “The Lion’s Inside” by Redwood Son, as the band headlines an exciting local bill at The Aladdin Theater. One can most certainly expect a powerful performance with soul stirring recollection of their trials and tribulations while they look ahead to a New Beautiful Day.

PRIORY – Portland based electronic/rock, folk quartet releases first CD.


PrioryPortland, Oregon-based indie-pop/electronic-folk outfit Priory, comprised of Brandon Johnson (vocals, bass), Kyle Dieker (acoustic guitar, keys, bells, falsetto), Rich Preinesberger (drums), and Greg Harpel (lead guitar, bells, keys), will celebrate the release of their debut, self-titled full-length on June 17th at Mississippi Studios.

Also on the bill are Mackintosh Braun and Lost Lander (featuring Matt Sheehy from Ramona Falls).  Doors are at 8:30pm, show starts at 9pm.  Tickets are $8.00 advance and $10.00 day of show.

“Priory” is the band’s debut full-length and the follow up to 2010’s “Cold Hands” EP.  The album will be released to retail on June 21, 2011 via Portland’s Expunged Records (home of Blind Pilot).

Instantly infectious, yet not a sugar-pop album that will be easily discarded, Priory walks a tightrope between immediately catchy, instantly warming songs, and subdued, complex layers that take multiple listens to start to unravel and understand the true depth of their work.

“It’s finding that balance between the standard acoustic instruments and partnering them with huge electronic bass and keyboard licks,” says the band’s Kyle Dieker when asked to describe their sound. “Priory is all about tones and where those sounds sit in a song.  Blending folk melodies with pop sensibility, Priory takes from a collection of sounds and brings them together into something that is familiar yet innovative.”

Besides layers of instrumentation that help develop the complexity of the songs, contrasting with the ease of the melodies and hooky-ness of their songwriting, Priory also puts a lot of time into their lyrics.  Developing stories that also take the listener more than a few listens to start to completely digest the power of the music.

From comparing a drug addition to a bad relationship (“Devil vs. Heater”), how our perception of family and the importance of it changes as we age (“Searching”), and self-assessment in dying moments (“Coal Mine”).  To songs about fighting for what you believe in (“Worthy Dreams”), being in a relationship with someone who is always being pursued by others (“Kings of Troy”), and realizing life is short (“Cold Hands”), the latter of which is about a couple dying together in a car crash.  Priory doesn’t shy away from tackling some of life’s scariest questions or the thoughts that we all think, but oft-try to suppress.

They come out swinging; creating music that could simply be described as “beautiful,” reeling you in, but offering up much more for those that take the journey and visit it over and over again.

“I want people that hear our album to feel something,” admits Johnson.  “Some of our subject matter is not all that light and fluffy, not unlike life, but I believe there is always a positive side. There is a glass half full, if we choose to perceive it that way.  And, a little nursery rhyme melody can often add a sense of whimsy to a dark subject matter.”

It is that contradiction that builds up and develops throughout the album, with the band toying with the playfulness of it all, while taking everything very seriously.

“Every song on the album means something to us. We did not want there to be any filler,” Johnson adds.

With the record complete, and a band itching to play live, the group plans to hit the road throughout spring, summer, and fall and tour relentlessly. In their new, revamped bus, putting on an amazing live show and converting people the old-fashioned way: one fan at a time, one club at a time, one city at a time.  And, for Priory, that just feels right.  As organic and natural as their songwriting process comes an organically grown fan base.

Water Tower Bucket Boys, Tour In Support of “Sole Kitchen”


No Depression said of Portland, Oregon-based Water Tower Bucket Boys and their forthcoming national release, “Sole Kitchen,” that it has a “…harder edge than any folk album you’re likely to hear this year… they’ve adopted the intensity of rock and punk and channeled it into their songs and tunes. But they still love their roots and can’t go through a set without throwing in an old-time ballad or a bluegrass song… Their far-ranging influences enable them to see the common ground between folk, rock, punk and even jazz, and they draw from this common ground to create their unique sound.”



  • 5/13/11 – LaurelThirst Public House – Portland, OR
  • 5/19/11 – Sam Bond’s Garage – Eugene, OR
  • 5/20/11 – Apple Jam Festival – Ashland, OR
  • 5/22/11 – Axe & Fiddle – Cottage Grove, OR
  • 5/24/11 – Tractor Tavern – Seattle, WA
  • 5/25/11 – Goodfoot – Portland, OR
  • 5/28/11 – Folklife Festival-Raisin A Ruckus Show – Seattle, WA
  • 6/04/11 – W.O.W. Hall – Eugene, OR
  • 6/15/11 – Weiser National Fiddle Festival – Weiser, ID
  • 6/22/11 – Goodfoot – Portland, OR
  • 6/23/11 – Traditions – Olympia, WA
  • 6/24/11 – Slim’s – Seattle, WA
  • 6/27/11 – Amnesia – San Francisco, CA
  • 6/29/11 – Crepe Place – Santa Cruz, CA
  • 7/01/11 – Redwood Bar & Grill – Los Angeles, CA
  • 7/02/11 – Red Barn Concert Series – Los Osos, CA
  • 7/03/11 – Russian River – Santa Rosa, CA

A fitting description for the band and their fourth full-length and first national release, “Sole Kitchen,” engineered, mixed, and produced by MxPX/Tumbledown front man Mike Herrera at Herrera’s Monkey Trench Studios in Bremerton, Washington.

The band will be releasing “Sole Kitchen” via brick and mortar distribution, their first album to be nationally distributed to retail, on April 26, 2011.

Having performed on radio shows such as BBC, NPR, and RTE, and sharing the stage with acts as diverse as Old Crown Medicine Show, Mumford and Sons, Wilco, The Red Stick Ramblers, Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three, and Woody Pines, the Water Tower Bucket Boys have honed their skills (and sound) to win over an eclectic array of audiences.

“Old Crow Medicine Show, who we are big fans of and have influenced us a lot, have been instrumental in our career,” states one of the band’s multi-instrumentalists/co-vocalist Kenny Feinstein.  “Gill Landry [from Old Crow Medicine Show] gave us an exact busking route from North Carolina back to Oregon that we followed town for town, bar for bar.  He is known as the king of busking in our circle and we were grateful for this ‘secret’ route.  He taught us about little bars in tiny towns that would profit well for us.  Every turn on Gill’s map was an exciting and fruitful venture.”

Busking is how Water Tower Bucket Boys got their start, playing traditional, old-time music and bluegrass on street corners up and down the west coast, before progressing to square dances and bluegrass festivals.

After several trips to Europe and back, and being introduced and influenced by many other bands, including Velvet Underground, cajun culture and music, Chuck Ragan/Hot Water Music (Ragan hand-picked the band to perform on a leg of last year’s Revival Tour), Mumford and Sons, Wilco, and even electronic music (even if it doesn’t reflect in their music), Water Tower Bucket Boys sought to expand their sound even further, incorporate more of their current listening tastes into the music, and the result is “Sole Kitchen.”

“Water Tower is about trying to defy definition,” says banjo/guitarist and co-vocalist Cory Goldman.  “We’ve been shifting around stylistically as long as we’ve been a band and are continuing to evolve.  Its about being true to our roots but also not being afraid to experiment and push forward.”

Meeting Mike Herrera through a friend, they eventually met up with him at a Tumbledown show, gave him a copy of some of their music, and a dialogue began.  Soon the band found themselves in Bremerton, Washington, for a weekend, recording at Herrera’s studio what would become “Sole Kitchen.”

Tracking and mixing in a whirlwind two days, the band recorded the entire record one day (sans a few overdubs the next), setting up a few mics and doing what they do best: playing live.

“Our sound is loosely based in the traditions of old time, bluegrass, punk rock, blues, Cajun, and country,” explains Josh Rabie, the band’s third multi-instrumentalist and co-vocalist.  “We pride ourselves on tight, three-part harmonies and powerful instrumentals.  And, when we were recording with Mike, we really just wanted to capture all that energy on record.  I think we accomplished it.”

Adds Goldman, “‘Sole Kitchen’ was really just our first step in a new direction, trying to redefine the nature of the band beyond just rocking out tunes and songs.  I really feel like its our first album all over again in a way, our first one done in a professional studio and our first one where we are really putting all our skills out there.  It’s about opening the door to the next new thing!”

One of the album’s high points is “Heaven,” one of the first tracks the band ever decided to have drums on, and the song that inspired them to decide to incorporate drums on future songs and recordings.

Other album highs include “Telegraph,” a song that chronicles a true night the band experienced in Berkeley, California after purchasing acid from a punk on the street while busking.  “Blackbird Pickin’ At A Squirrel,” a song that showcases the band’s instrument versatility and musical style and “Goatheads,” a number about one of the members blacking out while on tour are two more album highs.  As is “Numb,” a song that tackles the problem of addictive behavior.

“Our goals with ‘Sole Kitchen’ are to reach people who have never enjoyed the banjo, mandolin, or fiddle. To bring songs that are relevant in today’s social climate while maintaining their roots,” comments Feinstein.

Cory Goldman (banjo, guitar, vocals), Kenny Feinstein (guitar, mandolin, harmonica, fiddle, vocals), and Josh Rabie (fiddle, guitar, harmonica, mandolin, vocals) comprise Water Tower Bucket Boys.

Cool Nutz “A Birthday To Remember” – TUESDAY MAY 10th

A message from Cool Nutz:

I wanted to reach out to you personally and let you know about my upcoming birthday party that will be taking place on Tuesday May 10th.  We will be ringing in my birthday in grand fashion.  We have a great line up of talent and I would love to see you there.

We have appearances from Maniac Lok, Illmaculate, Mikey Vegaz, Dubble OO, Arjay, Spark Diggz, and J-Ritz & Saywords.  The night will be hosted by DJ Fatboy and Official Portland Trailblazer DJ OG One.

I would love to share my birthday with you and spend this time with friends, family, and other special people that have been involved in my life. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday May 10th, 2011 & Runaway Productions Present
“A Birthday to Remeber…”
Ash St Saloon 21 & over w/ I.D. 9pm
225 SW Ash St
Portland, OR 97204
  • Cool Nutz
  • Maniac Lok
  • Illmaculate
  • Mikey Vegaz
  • Dubble OO
  • Arjay
  • Spark Diggz
  • & J-Ritz & Saywords
  • hosted by DJ Fatboy & DJ O.G. One



Black N Blue 2011

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of the new album from Portland-based Rockers Black ‘N Blue on May 13 in Europe and May 17 in North America.
Hell Yeah! is a proud comeback statement for a band that wrote the pages of hard rock history in the 80’s. Black ‘N Blue released four successful and critically-acclaimed albums through Geffen Records: their self-titled debut (1984), ìWithout Loveî (1985), ìNasty Nastyî (1986), and ìIn Heatî (1987), with the latter two albums produced by the legendary Gene Simmons of KISS. Catalogue sales in the US were in excess of one million units and the band’s original guitar player Tommy Thayer went on to replace Ace Frehley in the current KISS lineup.

Black ‘N Blue reunited for the first time in 2003 under the initiative of singer Jaime St. James, when he began writing tracks for a new album along with original member,Jef “Woop” Warner. The process came to a halt when St. James joined Warrant as their new lead vocalist in February of 2004. In recent years, Jaime has been releasing records and touring the world with Warrant.

In late 2008, plans to get back into the studio and finish the ìHell Yeah!î album were underway, as well as festival appearances and other touring. ìThe band’s line-up is all original except Shawn Sonnenscheinî, tells Jaime St. James ìbut he has been in the band now for about 8 years. Still the new guy….Jeez!î. Black ‘N Blue recently joined the ever-expanding roster of Frontiers Records.

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Black 'N Blue - Hell Yeah

ìHell Yeah!î goes back to the roots of the ìclassicî Black ‘N Blue sound, mixing tight and hard rocking songs with a sleazy attitude. “This new album is a real thrill for us and all of the BNB fans” says St. James. “Our last studio recording was in 1988 so it’s a big deal. This is a classic BNB-sounding CD and could be described as a cross between all our previous records. It is heavy for the most part, but I like to think it reminds me of our first album. That’s why we brought back the original logo. We just modernized it”.

Black ‘N Blue will make a special live appearance at the M3 Rock Festival at the Merryweather Post Pavilion in Columbus MD on May 14. More shows and festivals to be announced.

The new album ìHell Yeah!î will include the following tracks: Monkey; TargetHail HailFool’s Bleed; C’mon; Jaime’s Got The Beer; Angry Drunk Son Of A Bitch; So Long; Trippin’; Falling Down; Candy; Hell Yeah!; World Goes Round.

Info from

Will we see a special Portland show before anyone else? we can only hope.

Lloyd Jones “Highway Bound” CD Release Concert April 28th

Veteran singer songwriter Lloyd Jones will release a long awaited solo acoustic recording of traditional folk blues April 19 nationwide on Underworld Records  titled “Highway Bound”. This collection of old favorites,  represents a long history of rich memories and songs gathered traveling through the years with Big Mama Thorton, Charlie Musselwhite, George “Harmonica” Smith, Big Walter Horton and so many others that paved the way. Special guests include Curtis Salgado and Charlie Musselwhite.

“Lloyd has been a good friend of mine for over 30 years (maybe even longer) and he has always been a great guitar player – great tone and phrasing from the heart. Lloyd is one of the nicest guys in the business – I always look forward to seeing Lloyd and hearing him play.”

Charlie Musselwhite

The Special “CD Release Acoustic Birthday Party Concert” will begin with a short set by one of Jones’ favorite “piedmont pickers” Mary Flower.

In this beautiful setting Jones will play through songs from his new “Highway Bound” recording.  Throughout the night Jones will be joined by Portlands own harmonica legend Bill Rhodes and piano goddess Janice Scroggins, with a return visit from Flowers. No doubt, a birthday to remember! “Put your feet up and smile baby”

Lloyd Alberta Poster

  • April 28th The Alberta Rose Theatre

  • NE Alberta St., Portland, OR)

  • Presents

  • Lloyd Jones “Highway Bound” CD Release

  • Acoustic Birthday Party Concert

  • w/ Mary Flower

  • And Friends!

Tickets  $22 includes CD   $12 without CD


Award-winning british soul star to finally hit these shores with blockbuster new album. First-ever us live schedule slated for april, supporting bruno mars & janelle monáe, trek includes north american headline shows and appearance at Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. “Stay too long” and “she said” at multi-format radio now, while “the defamation of strickland banks” arrives in stores and at all dsps on april 19th

Atlantic Records has announced the US release of “THE DEFAMATION OF STRICKLAND BANKS,” the blockbuster new album from Plan B.  The album – which includes the singles, “Stay Too Long” and “She Said” – arrives in stores and at all US DSPs on April 19th.

“THE DEFAMATION OF STRICKLAND BANKS” proved a milestone upon its initial release last year in the United Kingdom, entering the charts at #1 and ultimately earning triple platinum certification.  The follow-up to Plan B’s 2006 debut, “WHO NEEDS ACTION WHEN YOU GOT WORDS,” found the gifted rapper adapting a more R&B-based vocal style on such singles as “Stay Too Long,” “She Said,” and “Prayin’.”

Here in the US, “Stay Too Long” and “She Said” are currently scoring at radio outlets nationwide, with “Stay Too Long” debuting at #39 on the Modern Rock charts this week and its companion video clip now in rotation at mtvU and Logo’s NewNowNext PopLab.

Having made his US live debut last month with sold-out shows in New York and Los Angeles, Plan B is currently set to embark on his first ever North American trek, joining Elektra recording artist Bruno Mars and Wondaland Arts Society/Bad Boy/Atlantic recording artist Janelle Monáe on their hugely anticipated “Hooligans In Wondaland Tour.”  The dates begin May 4th at New York’s Roseland Ballroom and then continue through a May 27th stop at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom (see attached itinerary).  In addition, Plan B will be among the stars performing at the upcoming Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, with his set slated for Sunday, April 17th. Following Coachella, Plan B will also play a string of west coast headlining dates, beginning on April 19th at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

Plan B also recently made his first ever US TV appearance, performing earlier this month on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly.  He is now slated to herald the release of “THE DEFAMATION OF STRICKLAND BANKS” with a visit to TBS’ Conan, scheduled for Tuesday, April 19th.

Told from the perspective of the fictional title character, “THE DEFAMATION OF STRICKLAND BANKS” drew widespread critical praise for its uncompromising lyricism and soulful musical approach. “(Plan B’s) reinvention suits him,” wrote The Guardian. “(His voice) comes into its own here: a high, aching croon that adds an appealing touch of self-doubt to the hardest-hitting lyrics…In a neat touch, the bleaker Strickland Banks’s story becomes, the lovelier the melodies.” “Accessible, polished and brimming with verve,” declared The Telegraph.  “The emphasis here is on (Plan B’s) sweet soul voice and a thumping Motown groove, an intriguing change of direction that’s both passionate and populist.”

“THE DEFAMATION OF STRICKLAND BANKS” proved a breakthrough release for Plan B (a.k.a. Ben Drew) in both his native UK and around the world, hitting the Top 10 in France, Germany, and Ireland while also currently ascending the charts in Australia.  In addition to the widespread critical and commercial success, he received a wide array of award nominations, including the BT Digital Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, the MOBO Awards, and most prestigiously, the 2011 Brit Awards, which honored him with the “Best British Male Solo Artist” trophy earlier this week.

Plan B has also become a certified online phenomenon, drawing nearly 11.5 million views for the “She Said” video alone at his official YouTube channel,

For more information, please visit:


North American Tour 2011

  • April 17th Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival
  • April 19 – 26 & May 5th –  Headline Tour
  • May 4-11 w/Bruno Mars & Janelle Monáe’s “Hooligans In Wondaland Tour”
  • May 21-26 w/ Adele



  • 17            Indio, CA                        Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival*
  • 19        Los Angeles, CA            El Rey Theatre
  • 21        San Francisco, CA            Popscene at Rickshaw Stop
  • 23        Seattle, WA                        Chop Suey
  • 24       Portland, OR                        Crystal Ballroom
  • 26            Salt Lake City, UT            Urban Lounge


  • 4            New York, NY            Roseland Ballroom
  • 5            Brooklyn, NY                   Music Hall of Williamsburg
  • 7            Camden, NJ                        Susquehanna Bank Ctr.
  • 8            Boston, MA                        Agganis Arena
  • 10            Atlanta, GA                        Fox Theatre
  • 11            Miami Beach, FL            Fillmore
  • 14            Carlisle, UK                        Radio One Big Weekend
  • 21            New York, NY            United Palace
  • 23            Royal Oaks, MI            Royal Oak Music Theater
  • 24            Chicago, IL                        Riviera Theater
  • 26            Minneapolis, MN            First Avenue


Lawson Fusoa Inada and Emmett Wheatfall

“A Celebration of Poetry in Jazz”
Lawson Fusoa Inada and Emmett Wheatfall

In honor of National Poetry Month, Poets Lawson Inada and Emmett Wheatfall are celebrating Poetry in Jazz.  Performances are in Portland on Friday, April 22nd and in Seattle on Saturday April 23rd.  Visit for more information.
“A Celebration of Poetry in Jazz” has been created to share the works of these inspired and gifted writers.  Lawson & Emmett bring their diverse backgrounds, styles and experiences to life in thoughtful, expressive poetic story.  Combined with music these performances are inspiring and evocative.
Lawson Inada is considered a pioneer in Japanese-American literature and has received many honors and awards.  He was named Oregon State Poet in 1991 and served as Oregon’s Poet Laureate from 2006-2010. His collection of poems “Before the War” was the first book of poetry by an Asian American to be published by a major New York publishing house.  He won the American Book Award for his work “Legends from Camp” in 1992.  He won the Oregon Book Award for Poetry in 1997, the Pushcart Prize for Poetry in 1996 and was honored at the White House for a “Salute of Poetry and American Poets.”  He is a Professor Emeritus of English at Southern Oregon University, received two Poetry Fellowships from the NEA, was a Guggenheim Fellow in Poetry in 2004 and currently serves as the Steinbeck Chair for the National Steinbeck Center.
Emmett Wheatfall is a rising star in the world of poetry.  He burst onto the scene with his recorded work, “When I Was Young” a music and poetry collaboration with producer Noah Peterson.  Featured in Wine and Jazz Magazine, Emmett was called “…one of the most original and powerful debut jazz artists of the year.”  “When I Was Young” is currently on air at various stations throughout the country.  Emmett is a gifted orator and is sought out for his speaking ability.  He has done voice-over work and is an annual presenter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.s “I Have A Dream Speech” for various organizations during Black History Month.
He has two published collections of poems, “He Sees Things” and “We Think We Know” and an audio CD of his poetry entitled, “I Speak.” Emmett has several poems published online for organizations celebrating and promoting African-American Poetry.
  • Saxophones: Larry Nobori, Noah Peterson
  • Piano: Gordon Lee
  • Bass: Andre St. James
  • Drums: Tim DuRoche
Please join Lawson Inada and Emmett Wheatfall for a rare and special evening of Poetry in Jazz.

The Troublemakers CD release show!

troublemakers CD release posterStanding at the crossroads of twang and tremolo, Rich Layton and The Troublemakers play high-octane honky tonk music, harmonica fueled and swampified. It’s the sound of an East Texas roadhouse where the crowds are a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll – and out on the dance floor all night long!

Their second release, “Tough Town” is primed and ready for take-off, and the cd release party will be the place. Saturday April 16th 6pm. At the Secret Society Ballroom, 116 Northeast Russell St. portland OR 503-493-3600

Portland is VERY blessed to have landed this one-of-a-kind original band.

Here’s the title track attached to get the blood flowing…rough,tough, chewy and very tasty!


Tough Town [powerpress]


Troublemakers CD Review