OK so my old guitar player Tim Kasey, from the band Crysys (early eighties metal from Portland) sent me this video of a new metal band from the Netherlands. Well they are new to me anyway. At first listen I have to admit this chick can sing. Very refreshing since we haven’t had a good female metal vocalist since Pat Benatar? The music has shades of the Scorpions, Queensrych, and Abba, don’t let my use of the name Abba scare you off, its more of a reference to how well Charlotte Wessels can sing. Delain is classified as symphonic metal and was founded by Martijn Westerholt and Charlotte Wessels in 2002.

I could go on about them but why when you can see their vids for yourself. They have a series of videos up on Youtube and their new label is Roadrunner. Below is a sampling.

Charlotte Wessels – on the Sonisphere Festival

Delain – Stay Forever

Delain – April Rain

Delain – Frozen

Delain – The Gathering

There is much more on youtube that you can watch. Now lets hope they will be bringing us their music into the Northwest very soon.

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  1. Gouda Girl
    Gouda Girl says:

    Delain is awesome for many years now. we are glad you have finally discovered them in America now.

  2. Tim Kasey
    Tim Kasey says:

    Buko! You posted the Delain videos! so cool.

    I spammed the entire US with Delain. Contacted NBC and encouraged them to have Delain
    on the David Letterman Show. I don’t think I received one complaint about my spamming, everyone loved the band (I wouldn’t try that with anything else 🙂 )

    I even contacted a fashion show coordinator and encouraged them to use Delain’s music in the super model fashion shows.

    America needs a musical revolution!

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